Urban Rituals

Project development and curation.
Exhibited at Bishops Square, Spitalfields, London EC1, UK.

Creative collaborations between the UK and Turkey, exploring and acting onto the ways we use, inhabit, and understand public spaces.

SPACEPILOTS in association with:
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
London Metropolitan University
Mimar Sinan University

Projekt- und Ausstellungsplanung und Kuration.
Ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt zwischen England und der Türkei als Teil der EU Initiative CityandArt.
Ausstellung: Bishops Square, Spitalfields, London EC1, UK.

Untersuchungen und Umsetzungen verschiedener Art und Weisen öffentlichen Raum zu nutzen, einzunehmen und begreiflich zu machen.

The students first explored the particular rituals each of us undertakes at the start of a day within our domestic settings, to then map them onto an appropriate space in Bishops Square, Spitalfields, London.

Within the short scope of one week each group has been designing, building and installing a structure aiming to translate and communicate notions of the very personal in public.

The project partners are The Academy of fine Arts Vienna, Austria and Malmo University School of Arts and Communication in Sweden.

The associated partners are Mersin University Faculty of Fine Arts Turkey, Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, ELIA European league of Institutes of the Arts and the Consulate general of Sweden.